Why should I join the Geniatech Affiliate Program?

  • Optimized Channel

    Purchases go directly through Geniatech, ensuring the latest products and highest quality.

  • 90+ Countries

    Earn commission on sales around the world.

  • Up to 35% commission

    Our average affiliate commission
    is $30 USD.

  • 30-Day Cookie Retention

    Get a commission if the customer who clicked your link purchases within 30 days.

How can I earn commission?

  • Share an affiliate link

    Visit shop.geniatech.us to get unique referral links and share them online.

  • A customer buys a product

    Someone clicks your link and buys from the Geniatech Online Store.

  • Order will be confirmed

    The referral link and order information will be confirmed in Geniatech Affiliate Program system automatically.

  • You get commission!

    A commission payment will be transferred to your account as long as the product is not returned and refunded within 30 days.

Become an Affiliate

  • Register with your email address.
  • Get the Password through your email.
  • Login to get your unique referral links. Click “Creatives”, then copy the link(see chart ①), or genarate a link for specific product.
  • Share product links and earn commission.