About Us

Parent company of the GENIATECH USA LLC is Shenzhen Geniatech Inc., Ltd., the leading ODM / OEM manufacturer for smart TV -and video platforms for all areas of daily entertainment.
Through consulting, development, design and manufacturing excellence Geniatech supports its customers and partners ecosystems in more than 42 countries. Geniatech supplies platforms, has realized innovative solutions from the industrial design in hardware and software for all operating (Windows, OSX, Apple TVOS, Android and Linux) & entertainment systems including smarte & mobil TV platforms, IPTV / OTT middleware integration, APP / APK application Design, IPTV / OTT DRM integration for Microsoft PlayReady, Verimatrix, Widevine, and more and according to international standards certified manufacturing services.



Geniatech-Geniatech is a global ODM / OEM manufacturer for smart TV and video platforms founded in 1997. We supply innovative solutions for hardware and software designs based on all operating systems. Through its ecosystem of smart phone & TV platforms, application design and certified manufacturing service, Geniatech has introduced a new generation of viewers to the possibilities of premium video entertainment. We help enterprises, customers and people everywhere by enhancing the viewing experience.


MyGica®, the global digital video device brand of Geniatech, dedicated to design and create innovative television & video products, delivers the consumer the ultimate home theater experience.
Over these years, MyGica have been sold all over the world. Till now, MyGica brand have been developed all around the world, including Hong Kong, Australia, Thailand, India, Iran, German,United States, Mexico, United Kingdom, Argentina and Brazil.


EyeTV, one famous television tuner product brand, Geniatech acquired from Elgato. Dedicated to design and create high quality and innovative products for TV Viewing and recording.